Raintaina 1.6FC

A sustainable drainage (SuDS) system, designed to provide a source control 'within curtilage' surface water management solution for housing. The Raintaina is a patented all-in-one self-contained combined attenuation and flow control module.

Combined Attenuation & Flow Control

Within Curtilage SuDS Solution

Designed to satisfy the LLFA requirement for sustainable drainage (SuDS) to new housing developments, Raintaina is a source control 'within curtilage' surface water management system. The Raintaina is a patented all-in-one self-contained storm water management system which can satisfy planning conditions for new build with regard to surface water discharge restrictions and the incorporation of a SuDS drainage system. It complies with the Building Regulations Part H and is simple and easy to install. All spigot connections for inlet and outlet fit standard 110mm diameter PVC-u underground drainage.

attenuation tank, flow control chamber
Raintaina 1.6FC

The primary Raintaina 1.6FC unit is a pre-formed, fully sealed attenuation module with an integrated flow control chamber which has been developed as a 'within curtilage' attenuation solution. The unit has a 1600 litre capacity with an internal filter screen reduce the potential for blockage to the removable orifice plate. In reality the likelihood of debris or silts entering the unit are very low when used in conjunction with the Raintaina RWP Filter Unit.

The filter units comes with removable filters formed from resin bound gravel. Larger windfall debris and detritus is deposited on the surface of the filter and can be swept up for disposal. The filter itself can be easily removed and cleaned with a garden hose to remove any dirt and silts.

downpipe filter chamber
Load Bearing

The module is a load bearing structure and can be installed with cover at low as 500mm deep. Please contact distributor for confirmation of your individual cover requirements. A range of supplementary Raintaina attenuation units offering 1600, 1200, 800 and 400 litres of attenuation are available to satisfy any 'within curtilage' attenuation requirement. These can be simply connected in series using standard PVC-u Ø110mm pushfit couplings to meet each plot requirement. As mentioned, the units are load bearing and can be installed under trafficked or landscaped areas for temporary attenuation.

attenuation for housing
Simple to Install

There is no need for a specialist site installer as the Raintaina modules are manufactured offsite in factory conditions where workmanship and quality are closely controlled to produce a first class product.

The Raintaina system arrives to site with lifting slings ready to unload for installation into the surface water drainage network. All spigot connections, 3 x inlet and 1 x outlet fit standard 110mm diameter PVC-u underground drainage. Builders work to install the access cover and frame can be commenced directly off the top of the module around the flow control chamber, leaving the secondary cover in place during construction to prevent ingress of silt and debris.

Raintaina – combined attenuation and flow control in a single unit

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